Our Mission

Wastewater from dyeing textiles is driving coral to extinction. Without coral, many delicate ocean ecosystems will collapse, affecting local economies and communities. The oceans need us now.

Nature’s Dye®

Digitally Printed

  • The special pigments we use are based on the same chemistry that creates color in nature. The result: striking, long-lasting colors made without colorants, pollution or chemicals.
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Tencel Fabric

Our fabric is a luxurious Tencel quality made in Japan. Tencel is a textile fiber made from the wood pulp in sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees. It’s then transformed into durable, gently draping fabrics that move naturally against the skin. Our closed-loop process recycles 99% of the water it uses and the 1% that remains is non-toxic.
Our fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX®, ZDHC, REACH, RoHS, CNAS and the strictest international MRSLs and RSLs (Restricted Substances Lists).

Made Locally

Our entire clothing line is cut and sewn in small, minimal-waste production runs by experts in the Manhattan Garment District, NYC. We closely follow the Ten Principles of Fair Trade, ensuring empowering work, fair wages and mutual trust for everyone we work with.